Toxic Stress Program

Cognitive Psychologist

Life  Coach


International Speaker

Toxic stress is treatable and preventable. This program will teach you proven techniques to de-stress your life and problem solve your way to healthier lifestyle.

In only six sessions you will learn to identify the stressors in your life that are creating problems. Initial sessions will be psycho-educational. You will learn the process that occurs in the stress response that can break down the immune system and cause physical damage. You will be able to identify the symptoms of depression and anxiety that may be disrupting your life and learn coping skills to overcome the distress that they can cause to your emotional health.  

Relationship issues will be addressed, as they are always a source of continued stress.  

Health and wellness are an important part of the treatment plan. An individualized program will be developed to assist you in reaching your goals.  

We will develop a Balanced Plan together that will help to organize and structure your life in order to create a direction that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

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