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Dr. Varcoe will be pleased to present these lectures at the venue of your choice including; conferences and conventions, corporate seminars, country club gatherings, or even cruise ship events. Please contact us for further information. Available lectures include:

  1. Seven Secrets to Master the Mind Game of Golf: This lecture goes through the principles and basic concepts presented in the book ‘Golf Smart: 7 Secrets to Master the Mind of Golf’. It will help you to decrease your handicap and enjoy the game.
  2. Stress Less Mind-Healthy Body: This lecture presents the facts about stress and why it is harmful to your health, and create disease if it is not controlled properly. Self assessments are provides and active discussion of individual concerns are encouraged.
  3. Life Stage Passages-Navigating Life’s Challenges: This interesting lecture with Dr, Varcoe will assist you in recognizing your Adult Development Stage and how to transverse it with ease and Joy!
  4. Golf Smart - Mental Skills that Will Improve Your Game: This lecture goes more into depth and presents more specific techniques related to the mental skills proven to be effective in the mental game of golf. Individual Audience problems with this game will be addressed.
  5. Toxic Stress - 7 Steps to Recovery: This lecture is based on this author’s latest book that provides a self-help guide to handling stress and creating a stress free life.
  6. Enjoying Life/Strategies To Control Life’s Stressors: Join Dr. Varcoe for this enlightening talk that will help you to control Life’s Everyday Stressors
  7. The 15 Reasons Travel Is Good For You: In this lecture I will show how proven research, studies and articles on travel have shown the physical, psychological and health related benefits to travel. An overview of the upcoming port of call will be used as an example of how the benefits can be obtained and then applied while onshore and beyond.
  8. How Travel Makes Life Worth Living And Helps To Develop A Positive Mindset: The next port of call will be described and guests will be shown step by step techniques and tips on how to maintain a positive attitude while seeing the sights.
  9. Prepare For And Overcome Barriers In Travel Using The Science Of The Mind: In the next post of call I will give an overview on how to deal with the stress of travel when it arrives. Scenarios will be given and reaction responses explored. Interactive with guests.
  10. Understanding And Applying A 6 Step Travel Cycle: In this lecture I will introduce and elaborate on a 6 Step Travel Cycle that will enable the guests to deepen their travel experience. An overview of the scheduled port of call will be discussed using and applying the 6 Step Cycle.

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